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Here at Central West Plumbing & Civil Drainage, we are your local Dubbo experts in safely and efficiently fitting your gas appliances.

As a licenced gas-fitter we are qualified to repair, service, and replace natural gas appliances and fixtures in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Beyond working on the appliances and fixtures we are experts in installing regulators, gas meters, burners, valves and much more.

We work across a range of industries, including:

Gas Water Heater — Central West Plumbing & Civil Drainage In Dubbo, NSW

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We help with gas fitting for all civil, commercial and residential properties. What we can install can be broken down into a few categories. Type A gas fitting includes items like cookers, stovetops, BBQ’s, space heaters, water heaters, pizza ovens and more. Type 2 appliances include items such as gas for school science labs or commercial and industrial LPG regulator set ups.

We work across a range of industries, including:

Practically everywhere!
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