We Install & Maintain Stormwater & Sewer Drainage Systems

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Here at Central West Plumbing & Civil Drainage, we are your local Dubbo experts in all things drainage.

We use the latest equipment and machinery to ensure every job is completed accurately and efficiently. We offer both civil and commercial services!

We work on the following:

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Newly Installed Drainage Grate — Central West Plumbing & Civil Drainage In Dubbo, NSW

We Offer Personalised Services Every Time!

From government jobs to privately contracted work, we can help! All of our plans are personalised to your project.

Whether you need a few extra connections or completely new infrastructure, our team of experts know how to help! Our services are diverse, ranging from installing sewage for subdivisions and new developments; to working with industrial precincts and even railways!

Not only are we adaptable, but we’re also versed in all local council requirements and restrictions. This includes our work with manholes. We can build new connections or upgrades as well as heightening or lowering existing manhole structures. We’ll not only comply with restrictions, but also organise all accredited testing.

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